Sunday, March 21, 2010

The World Memory Championship 2010 Schedule is up!

This one is going to be a special one. Kudos to the Chinese Organizers. Aside from the competition itself, I am really looking forward to those local tours. I sure am going to be taking home lots of memories. ha!
Now I have to train according to this schedule and get back to training... Wish me luck!

Competition Schedule
August 21 - Competitor arrival
August 22  - Morning: WMC Press Conference. Competitors are asked to be available for interviews and photographs fromn the world's press.
Afternoon: The Opening Ceremony
August 23  Competition Begins
Morning: Event One: Abstract Images      Event Two: Binary Numbers
Afternoon: Event Three: One Hour Number
August 24 Morning: Event Four: Names and Faces, Event Five: Speed Numbers
Afternoon: Event Six: Historic and Future Dates,      Event Seven: One Hour Cards
August 25  Morning: Event Eight: Random Words,    Event Nine: Spoken Number
Afternoon: Event Ten: Speed Cards
August 26 Morning: Announcement of results, press conference and the Awards Ceremony
Evening: The Closing Ceremony
August 27 Local sightseeing tour arranged by our hosts, New Mind.

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