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Preview: 16th German Open Memory Championship


An All German Affair

According to Boris Konrad in our conversation over Twitter, it looks like it's going to be an all German affair at the 2013 Memo Masters  that will take place at Isny, South Germany this weekend. All the other Non-Germans at the top ten will most likely skip the 16th German Open Memory Championship, in what was anticipated to be a preview of some sorts to the mental battle that will happen in the World Memory Championship this November 30 to December 2 at London, England. But the lack of international competitors will not matter much as the international 10 discipline event will feature some of the very best memory athletes the world has to offer. 

2012 World Memory Championship Winners:
Front row from left: Top 3 - Jonas Von Essen,
New World Champ Johannes Mallow, Runner-up Simon Reinhard
Back row from left: 7th Nelson Dellis, 6th Ben Pridmore,
5th Christian Schaefer (Photo from Facebook)
The Germans, who have the most people in the top ten, will be headed by the current World Memory Champion and defending German Memory Champion Johannes Mallow Slovenian Open Champion, Christian Schafer; World Number 9 and last year's UK Open Memory Champion, Boris Konrad; and the juniors Annalena Fischer, 2013 South German Memory Champion; Anna Barwinski, 2012 North German Junior Memory Champion; and possibly Konstantin Skudler, multiple-time Kid Memory Champion and current World Junior Memory Champion.

Looking to dethrone the defending champion is his teammate two-time German Memory Champion Simon Reinhard, the second highest ranked memory athlete today, and current world record holder of a bevy of disciplines, such as the 15 minute names and faces (173 points), 15 Minute Random Words (300 Words), 30 Minute Random Numbers (1400), and the Speed Cards (21.19 secs). It was all established in this very same competition. Among the notable Germans who are also gunning for the top are World Number 6 and this year's

A Pool For World Memory Champions

This memory event is definitely one of the toughest championship out there. Looking at the previous German Memory Championships with my unscientifically trained eyes, we can see some pattern where the winner of this tournament will most likely be a top contender for the World Memory Championship or even end up being the World Memory Champion. As it was the case last year with Johannes Mallow and from 2005 to 2007, where Clemens Meyer won his back to back German Memory Championship and World Memory Championship in '05 and '06. Dr. Gunther Karsten did it as well on 2007. So, there is a lot riding on the outcome of the 2013 Memo Masters and many of the people in the Memory Sports Community are looking forward to it. 

And even though the other contenders for the World Championship like the hot streaking Swede, Jonas von Essen (4th), 5 Minute Binary Digits World Record holder, Ola Kare Risa of Norway, and of course the three-time World Memory Champion Ben Pridmore, aren't going to be there, we can still make a viable comparison, since they will most likely be competing in the 2013 UK Open International Memory Championships in less than a month from now. An international tournament that have the same format as this event and may very well be attended by the top German mnemonists.

I, for one, can't wait to see the results.

UPDATE: Full List of Competitors


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